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Think you've got what it takes to be a Co-Founder of your own start-up? Why not start your journey as a CEO with LAB Ventures? You call the shots, we're just here to make sure you succeed.

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Co-Build a Company with LAB Ventures

So you know the way the start-up game works. You've done all the work before, maybe even stumbled along the way (which only gave you lessons on what NOT to do), or you've worked right under the leading executive of the operation, only you were doing most of the work and now you're ready to venture out on your own. Well, we're interested in working with you.. and here's why you should work with us:

Our Ecosystem

We are a full fleshed ecosystem, where every member of the team contributes skills needed to make this agency what it is - a safe space to perform, grow, and succeed. Everything from your own team and a group of advisors to office space, and more, will provide you with end-to-end solutions to build and scale your new business venture.

A Studio Team

We know you can start a company on your own... that's always an option. But that would take triple the time, seed money you might not have, or there might even be areas in the business you have little to no expertise in. We have a team of talented people, from designers to marketing strategists, who will help you with your ride to the top.

Office Space

Your home can be distracting, and so can that noisy café you sometimes sit in while trying to take meetings. We offer you with office space where you can get in the zone, take professional business meetings, surround yourself with social and networking opportunities... and oh, most importantly, endless cups of coffee!


Having had experience in business development yourself, you know there's a bunch of tools besides your laptop that you'll need. For example, subscriptions to vital software or applications that will help you organize, or create assets needed to help you grow.. well, you can assume we've got everything you need to start your business journey off in full confidence!

A Team of Expert Advisors

One of the pillars of success, as told by every millionaire or billionaire, is that it is imperative to have access to the minds of experts in your industry. Our team of experienced early-stage tech investors have a strong resume in business and real estate, and are here for you around the clock. You'll also hold weekly meetings with advisors that'll help keep you on the right track.

Access to Network of Investors
& Industry Titans

One of the most difficult areas in start-up ventures is attaining access to investors. We are connected to investors with open minds and ears who have trust in our studio and what we bring to the table. That, along with our relationships with entrepreneurs, other startup CEOs, business moguls, etc. will help get your foot in the door.

Are you the right fit to run a tech start-up? 

A balance of hard and soft skills are required to become a CEO with LAB Ventures. Check out some of our requirements and if you think you've got what it takes: APPLY NOW!

This ain't your first rodeo

You've done it before, or you were the secret sauce in a company that was taking all the credit (lol). Either way, you know what it takes to fill the shoes of a CEO and your resume expresses that.

A self starter & executioner

You have the spirit of a wolf... you can survive on your own when need be, or with a pack of other wolves. You are confident enough to execute plans and deliver a range of features and objectives essential for success.

Fundraising & business strategy planning

Ideally, you're able to create a business model that incorporates strategies that result in profitability.

Communication & organization

Both are important to communicate effectively and coordinate with a team to complete projects in a time sensitive manner.

Ability to innovate

You are able to foresee what's ahead and quickly adapt to change as it so happens in this ever changing tech-space. You have the ability to learn from the past to reframe the present and future.

Build relationships

It's no surprise that in business, the ability to network and create loyalty is essential. Being able to express the nature of your start-up company and gain positive relationships amongst potential costumers, partners, and investors, as a result of that is something we admire.

How we work TOGETHER

How to CO-Build with
LAB Ventures ...


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If you're a fit, we want to hear from you. Just apply and send us your resume. We'll contact you for next steps!

Brainstorming Sprint

Congrats! You've made it to the second round. We'll set up a few brainstorming meetings with you, where we'll ideate a list of possible tech-solutions to problems in the PropTech space and begin the validation process that will determine if these ideas are scalable. If not, it's back to the drawing board we go... one thing is for sure though, we want you to be the CEO of the next big thing. Our team will help see this through from the start.


Let's Co-Build!

If the validation phase is successful, then we've got a business to run. You will work closely with our team to create an MVP - minimum viable product - to put out into the market for further validation and iteration. Eventually, upon the start-up's success with your leadership, you'll graduate from the studio with a brand new team (built by you) that solely focuses on your product or business. You will still have access to our studio, so it's not goodbye, it's just see ya later!


A Tech & PropTech Ecosystem

Our ecosystem is more than the companies we build, but the companies that help us build them too.

Ready to become a
Co-Founder of your own start-up?

Got what it takes to be a Co-Founder @ LAB Ventures? Great! We want to hear from you.

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