We build technology in-house and partner with founders to grow and scale early-stage startups.

What We Do

Our startup studio monitors market trends to identify new opportunities to build and grow companies that matter. We back our founders by providing the resources and foundation to co-build a great idea that we either come up with together or one that they've brought to the table. Either way, our strategic partnership is reliant on a venture building process as equals—with the founder being the biggest shareholder until series A.
We’ve seen good ideas with an okay founder climb the ladder of success and okay ideas with a rockstar founder absolutely dominate a market. This is why we have a founder's first approach to company building— because ideas are everywhere, great founders are not.

Studio Companies

Our Process


The goal is to collaborate with industry experts and potential co-founders through a series of brainstorming sprints to help us identify and match the best founders with the best ideas.

2. validate

We conduct market validation in the form of a deep dive into this newly identified pain point and build a preliminary soft launch strategy around this to assess traction.

3. build

If we’re happy with the initial traction received, we bump the idea up to the build phase and begin to design an MVP with just enough features to satisfy early users. Simultaneously, we are also visually and legally bringing the brand to life. 

4. launch

Here’s where things get exciting with a strategic company launch and pilot-user acquisition. Our primary goal in this phase is to generate a substantial user base and hit revenue. This is where we really hone in on that product-market fit.

5. scale

With proven traction and revenue, it’s time for this company to leave the nest. To fuel growth, we assist our companies in raising outside funding, help them hire the right talent, and provide guidance to drive sales-focused marketing efforts.

Job Opportunities

Both LAB Ventures and our portfolio companies are on the lookout for rockstars to join our team via careers or co-building a startup with us.

Studio Partners

We've partnered up with some of the best-in-class software available to online businesses in an effort to keep operational costs low for our portfolio companies.
Co-Founder of Expetitle
Founder spotlight

“I couldn't have done it without LAB Ventures.”

LAB Ventures brings a great balance of cross-functional skills to build a long-term sustainable business. I wouldn’t have been able to build Expetitle without my partnership with LAB Ventures.

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