Unlocking the Potential of Smart Access with Swiftlane

February 8, 2024

Our new portfolio company Swiftlane offers the state of the art in smart building access control -- their cloud-based platform provides access to every point in a building using facial recognition, as well as mobile access, video intercom, one-time visitor PINs, key card access, and/or voice-enabled unlock.    Two billion people worldwide already use facial recognition technology to open their iPhones; Swiftlane brings that same convenience to building access.  We recently invested in Swiftlane and will be helping them open a new Florida sales office soon. Swiftlane has already been deployed in over 1,000 apartment communities across the US and is growing at a break-neck pace.  

Their video intercom panel has a sleek, modern design that residents love, yet costs less to maintain than traditional call box systems.  Swiftlane can easily be retrofitted on existing buildings, saving property managers money while delighting tenants. If you have an office or multi-family building that needs a better solution than the old intercom call box, you should check it out.  You can see a quick video of how it works here. Swiftlane works with property managers and multifamily owners to:

  • Provide new technology upgrades to apartment and condo buildings
  • Attract GenZ and Millenial renters through modern mobile first amenities
  • Automate and centralize building access management and removing that hassle for property managers
  • Eliminate package theft and break-ins
  • Give technology superpowers to drive higher yield and manage 10X more buildings
  • Provide cutting edge access control and video intercom systems

We’re excited to be working with Founder and CEO Saurabh Bajaj, who started Swiftlane in 2019.  Prior to that he worked as a software engineer at Facebook, Instagram and most recently Lyft, where he developed their machine learning platform (lyftlearn) from the ground up to enable faster ML development across the internal autonomous vehicles team and the core business.  Saurabh has brought together an A-team of early-stage investors (Bloomberg Beta, Caffeinated Capital, Scifi VC, Hike VC, Elad Gil, Scott Belsky, Max Levchin) whom we are honored to join on the cap table.Swiftlane should be announcing their Florida expansion soon, but in the meantime don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you’d like to learn more about their product and we’d be pleased to introduce the team.‍

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