Title Search Transformed: Pippin Title's AI Breakthrough in the Real Estate Industry

February 22, 2024

We’re excited to welcome Pippin Title to the LAB Ventures family.  Pippin is a SaaS platform that offers comprehensive title search across all 50 states. Their AI software allows title insurance agencies, lenders and attorneys to manage their workflows efficiently and effectively, saving them time, money and hassle.

The company was founded by college friends Bharat Das and Bassel Said. Das worked as an investor for nearly a decade, for the Harvard endowment and for a family office, where he saw first hand how antiquated the title process for large real estate transactions was. “Title insurance companies, law firms, and banks have to navigate a fragmented network of online and offline documents, spend countless hours managing and chasing after vendors, and interpret endless variations of title reports,” explains Das.  In 2016 he reached out to Said, who had been working as a software engineer at multiple FinTech companies, and they started working on Pippin.  They committed full time in 2020 when Das finished his MBA.

In their own words, “through our advanced technology and nationwide network of searchers, we help title insurance companies, property developers, governments, and financial institutions quickly and easily produce title documents for residential and commercial properties in all 50 states.”Although their initial focus was on the residential mortgage segment, the team has quickly added a higher value-added commercial business, including complex searches in the green energy space with users wanting to analyze the potential to install wind turbines and EV charging stations. This has allowed the company to continue to grow despite a 60-70% decline in US mortgage originations.

Ever since co-founding Expetitle (now part of The Real Brokerage - NASDAQ: REAX), we’ve been keenly interested in the title insurance space and continue to marvel at the lack of tech adoption in this un-sexy backoffice product that is central to almost all real estate transactions. As TechCrunch wrote in a recent profile, in a market filled with frothy AI startups that promise more than they deliver, Pippin is “using AI to build actual solutions to real problems.”‍

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