Founder Spotlight: Emir Dukic, CEO of Rabbu

December 8, 2021

Earlier in Q3 we announced our rolling fund's investment in a promising startup specializing in short-term rentals, Rabbu. Today, we want to welcome Emir Dukic, Rabbu's CEO, and shine a light on this incredible entrepreneur who embodies our ethos of what it takes to be a great founder.

As the Chief Executive Officer of Rabbu, Emir is in charge of Rabbu’s growth and visionary efforts. Being a natural entrepreneur and follower of Real Estate, Emir turned a spare bedroom above his detached garage into the genesis for a new asset class within Real Estate and into an opportunity for investors to create more value while de-risking their portfolio through Rabbu. 

Emir was originally born in Bosnia and Herzegovina (formerly Yugoslavia) and was forced to flee there when a civil war broke out. After spending 6 years in Germany, Emir moved to the United States at the age of 12. Having survived civil war and beaten cancer, Emir is conditioned to beat adversity and not to take any situation and opportunity for granted. 

Prior to founding Rabbu, Emir was a Senior Product Manager at NBC Sports which he joined as part of the acquisition of KYCK. Emir joined KYCK as a free intern, after failing to find satisfaction as a Civil Engineer, and eventually worked his way up to be the Vice President of Operations when it was acquired by NBC Sports. 

Emir is a unique double dominant founder with great technical and interpersonal abilities; the LAB Ventures Managing Partners were especially impressed by Emir’s grit and determination. “At LAB Ventures we are always looking for the kind of leadership that thinks out of the box, challenging problems that look unsolvable, and that has the skills to be successful doing that. That's rare, Emir is a technical founder with a unique life experience, we love that.” said Rafael Valdivia, Managing Partner of LAB Ventures.

Emir and Rabbu have a bright future ahead of them. We're pumped!