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Welcome to the digital age -- it’s official! In fact, it’s been official for quite some time now. Real estate, however, has been a late bloomer to the technological advances of today’s world… we see that, but we’re here to change that.
We Validate

Before we build, we validate. If there's an interesting idea to solve a specific problem in the industry, our team will conduct extensive research to validate that idea in order to move into the next phase of creation.

We Develop

Design and development go hand in hand. Because we put the tech in PropTech, our companies are built into software programs by our development team who will create an MVP version for continuous market validation.

We Design

Intertwined throughout the process from beginning to end, we have a dedicated UXUI department set to bring our validated concept into visual fruition. This includes any assets such as branding and marketing for each start-up.

We Scale

Launch then scale... that's how we grow. We set the stage and support growth with marketing, funding, and access to additional funding through our network of investors.

We specialize in PropTech.

Based in Miami, a city known as a primary leader in the game of real estate, LAB Ventures has set its footprint as a prominent venture studio in the PropTech space of this Sunshine State. Bringing together tech and real estate, our resume includes a diverse portfolio of tech-focused start-ups, a venture capital fund investing in already successful PropTech companies, and not to mention, the coordination of countless conferences that brought together experts and entrepreneurs in this industry from all over the world. Our goal is to build together, and grow together.

Why PropTech?

Our devotion to PropTech is threefold. Real estate is one of the segments in today's world that has been slower to adapt to the digital trend. We saw an opening, as great venture studios would (no bragging rights intended), and we took it. Miami being a prominent real estate haven lent itself as the perfect hub to start such venture. Our vast network in real estate is another accomplice when it comes to our success. We've made the partnerships and the connections to be able to grow within this field. And finally, we've already done the work. We've tapped into the real estate tech space, and through the great lessons of trial and error, we've mastered the process it takes to validate, build, and turn start-up companies into wins!

PropTech Fund

We invest in early stage PropTech startups.

LAB Ventures makes investments with insightful driven founders that have solid technology and Real Estate credentials. We give you the expertise to hone your digital business, and the introductions to take and own the market quickly.
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The Leaders of the Operation

Say hello to the managing partners of LAB Ventures, and advisors of your future start-up company.

A Small Team with Impressive Street Cred


Started from the bottom, now we're here.

We build companies, and we're good at it. Our portfolio is solid and it continues to grow. Here's a little history lesson of our current achievements:


LAB Ventures was born.

LAB Ventures started with a group of successful investors who noticed an untapped market in Miami's PropTech segment, or lack there of. As a result, a venture studio was built with the sole purpose of creating tech solutions to the real estate market.

From coordinating mass events that brought together real estate entrepreneurs and experts for networking and education to building full-fledged businesses, it's safe to say LAB Ventures has made big waves in the city in just two short years.


Expetitle was invented.

Expetitle was a product of a brainstorming session with a talented individual who was well versed in the world of tech startups and real estate. After continuous conversations with the now Co-Founder of the company, an idea was born to take title services to a digital platform.

The idea was simple, and over time as the application progressed it has become an essential tool for real estate agents today who are using the app as a realtor tool belt offering off-hand features that help make their sales quicker and easier.


Orderout was founded.

Although not a PropTech start-up per se, we never pass up a good idea! OrderOut was created as a solution to a problem found as more and more food delivery applications were created. As restaurants started to subscribe to all of these applications and services to keep up with competition, it created a bit of mayhem in their back of house process. Tickets flying everywhere from different delivery apps, plus different tablets and formatted tickets -- it started to get confusing. We spoke with many owners in the industry and came up with a solution - enter OrderOut.

This is a one-stop shop for all delivery orders published out of one printer in one organized format (so its easy on the eyes), for a seamless and automatic process, eliminating or minimizing human-error, and allowing  restaurants to easily integrate with all online ordering services that will enhance their profitability.


ParTu was conceived.

We go international, too! No idea is too small, and no market is limited with LAB Ventures. ParTu is a B2b marketplace for auto parts, primarily established in Colombia, where the auto industry is outdated, yet adept enough to welcome a tech solution into their ecosystem.
We found a kick-ass CEO to manage the company in Colombia, and have already seen great interest, use and hard sales from many auto-shop owners and their customers.


SimplyEvict turned Rentcaddy.

What started out as SimplyEvict, quickly iterated to what is now RentCaddy. A great idea can often shift focus... that's the nature of this industry. And that's what great CEO's do... see the potential in a product, and mold it into a more specific and essential product for better placement in its category.
RentCaddy is an automated and customizable platform that saves you time and money when dealing with nonpaying tenants.


Beycome joined the team

Beycome entered our lives and it was magic. This already successful start-up was scaling on up, and sought us out to help them climb the ladder.
Already during their time with us, they've joint forces with one of our other  successful projects (Expetitle), to incorporate a digital title agency in addition to their original concept (a system that allows home owners to maximize their profit by selling their house without realtors). Like we said, with LAB Ventures we are able to offer the right networks to help your business expand to its highest potential.

Apply now to be a part of our ecosystem.

Got what it takes to work with LAB Ventures?  Whether you're interested in being a Co-Founder with us, our other positions are better fit for your abilities, we want to hear from you!

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