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A Star–tup is born

LAB Ventures is a PropTech Focused Startup Studio where we monitor market trends to identify new opportunities to build and grow companies that matter.

We provide highly motivated entrepreneurs with funding for MVP development, ongoing mentorship, support for outside fundraising, an entire starting team to aid with UXUI design, management, marketing, and research, and last but not limited to, access to our network of corporate partners.
About Us

We invest in Co-Founders not start-ups

We’ve seen good ideas with an okay founder climb the ladder of success, and okay ideas with a rockstar founder absolutely dominate a market. This is why we have a "founders first" approach – because ideas are everywhere, great founders are not.

Are you a co-founder without a company? You've been there, done that, and whether you've made magic happen or learned what not to do—you know one thing is for sure, you're meant to lead. This is the kind of mindset we're looking for. We offer co-founders the essential tools they need so that together, we can co-create PropTech magic.
Co-Build With Us

We're a PropTech focused venture builder.

LAB Ventures is disrupting the innovation process by turning the art of venture building into a repeatable science. We bring together our resources, infrastructure, network, and experience to take ideas from conception to launch and scale.

We combine the best assets from a startup studio with the best assets from our startup ecosystem to fast-track the growth of our studio companies.

We believe in people, not products; this is why we have a founder driven approach for our ongoing brainstorms. Our goal is to collaborate with industry experts and potential co-founders through a series of brainstorming sprints to help us identify and match the best founders with the best ideas.


A market research deep dive into this newly identified pain point is key. Before going 0 to 100, we seek market validation by developing a preliminary strategy consisting of a landing page and driving traffic to these built-out digital assets to assess traction. 

(co) Build

If we’re happy with the initial traction received, we bump the idea up to the build phase and begin to design an MVP– or minimum viable product– with just enough features to satisfy early users.

Simultaneously, we are also visually and legally bringing the brand to life.


Here’s where things get exciting with a strategic company launch and pilot-user acquisition. Our primary goal in this phase is to generate a substantial user base and hit revenue. This is where we really hone in on that product-market fit.


With proven traction and revenue, it’s time for this company to leave the LV nest. To fuel growth, we assist our companies in raising outside funding, help them hire the right talent, and provide guidance to drive sales-focused marketing efforts so that our portfolio companies can stand on their own.


The art of venture building into a repeatable science

Expetitle is a virtual title company that uses technology to expedite and improve the overall closing experience.

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OrderOut integrates third party food delivery orders directly to a restaurant's Point-of-Sale (POS) system.

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Off-campus student housing rental & co-living platform that is disrupting the student housing market.

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A customizable solution with only one goal in mind: returning your rental investment property back to profitability.

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Partsium is a B2B marketplace that facilitates the commercialization of automotive parts in Colombia.

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Making the buying and selling of homes easier, faster, and putting commission dollars back where they belong: your pocket!

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“LAB Ventures brings a great balance of cross-functional skills to build a long-term sustainable business. I wouldn’t have been able to build Expetitle without my partnership with LAB Ventures.”
Sean Daly
Co-Founder of Expetitle
Startup Studio

Meet YOUR team!

There’s been a lot written about the individual characteristics of what makes a great founder, but a lot less about what makes a great founding team and how that’s different from a great founding CEO.

We build up our founders by providing the resources and foundation to co-build a great idea that we either come up with together or one that you’ve brought to the table. Either way, our strategic partnership is reliant on an ego-free venture building process as equals– with the founder being the biggest shareholder until series A. We want our founders to have enough skin in the game to be 100% dedicated to the success of their company.
What we do for you:
Market Reserach
Concept Validation
Go-To-Market Strategy
Visual & UX Design
Product Management
Legal & HR

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