Attend the LAB Ventures Startup Showcase

What Is It?

LAB Ventures has teamed up with Blueprint to showcase 20 of the most innovative, early-stage startups working in the Real Estate and Construction industries to present on stage. This spring we put out an open call for applications, seeking startups that are still early-stage (less than $5M raised, less than five year since founding) but yet have enough initial traction to be relevant to Blueprint attendees.

From over 200 applications from around the globe, we have selected these 20 companies based on the innovativeness of their solution, profile of their team, and execution to date.
presenting STARTUPS

Attend the LAB Ventures Startup Showcase

Each startup presenting at the showcase has been assigned a senior VC investor to help them refine their pitch.  These investors will form an expert panel during the event to provide real-time feedback to the presenters:

Leander McCormick
Starwood Capital

Ajey Kaushal
JLL Spark

Sarah Liu
Fifth Wall

Liza Benson
Moderne Ventures

Who Attends?

Early-stage venture capital firms, angel investors, or any person or group seeking to allocate capital to some of the sharpest real-estate-tech founders at the early stage.
early-stage founders
This will be a great room for peer networking, meeting prospective investors, and exploring startup challenges and triumphs with like-minded founders.
industry incumbents
Meet disruptors and enablers. Help guide the future of innovation with partnerships or direct investments.

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