Bricksave Completes Financing Round Prior to International Expansion

Buenos Aires, July 24, 2019 – Bricksave, the global Real Estate platform for accessible, hassle free and high-return crowdfunding investments, have completed a new financial round and strengthened its position as the leading Real State crowdfunding company in Argentina. With this financing round, the company is preparing the foundations for the international expansion of its operations.

“This has been achieved thanks to our conservative investment policies and strict diligence processes that are a part of our company’s culture. These values keep us in a reliable position in the market since all investment projects have exceeded the expected returns and more than 70% of our clients decided to reinvest”, said Tom De Lucy, CEO of the company.

The financing for this round came from LAB Miami Ventures and Telor Investments Limited. Telor has a global investment portfolio and some of its successful investments include Properati, the leading cross-border property listing site for Latin America, founded in Buenos Aires. LAB Ventures, based in Miami, manages the city’s original coworking space and focuses on state-of-the-art technology investments. Bricksave is the first investment of its recently announced PropTech Fund and its experience and business connections throughout Latin America will help Bricksave’s international expansion.

In addition to this financing round, the company will soon launch it’s new Platinum program for people looking to take advantage Bricksave’s fully automated and technologically advanced platform to investing in whole units and larger properties around the world.

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